things to keep in mind while buying a portable charger for mobile

a portable charger for mobile

The charger that comes with the mobile sometimes gets damaged or gets burnt. Because of this people have to get a new charger. Nowadays people prefer to take portable charger instead of taking normal charger. Portable chargers can also be called power banks. But whenever you go to buy a new charger for mobile, always keep all the things mentioned below in mind.

If you are taking portable charger for mobile then all these points are important for you.

1. Whenever you are taking a portable charger for mobile, check its power rating

While taking a portable charger one should always keep in mind its power rating. Power ratings are always expressed in amperes (A) and volts (V). The power rating of a portable charger is listed on the charger box itself. Power rating simply means – higher the ampere and volt value, faster the charging.

But keep in mind that not every phone supports fast charging. So first you check the specification of your phone that up to how many watts it can support fast charging. And take the charger with the power rating according to that phone.

2. While getting a portable charger for mobile keep in mind the wattage of the charger.

While taking any charger, find out how many watts the phone supports. Take a portable charger that supports as many watts as your phone supports. The charger shouldn’t take up more or less work than the phone supports. You will find information about the wattage of the phone in the user manual of the phone. If the user manual is not there, then this information can be easily obtained from the website of the company.

3. The safety features of portable charger for mobiles should always be kept in mind.

Whatever charger comes with your phone, it always goes through several security checks. But if you take third party chargers then it is not necessary that all these security is possible in that too. Therefore, while taking a portable charger for mobile, keep in mind whether it has overcurrent or overvoltage protection or short circuit protection.

Do not take any charger without such features, because these features will protect your phone from damage. Along with this, the possibility of short circuit while charging the phone will also be reduced.

4. The charging capacity of the portable charger for the mobile should be well understood.

Before the charger that came with your mobile gets damaged or lost, keep checking the charging capacity of your charger. The charging capacity is always written on the mobile charger. So in case the charger gets damaged, you should take a charger of the same capacity.

But if you do not remember the charging capacity of your phone’s charger, then download an application named ‘ampere‘ in your phone. With the help of this application, you will be able to easily know all the information related to your phone. When you know the charging capacity of your charger, then you can take your new charger accordingly.

5. Take a portable charger for mobile or a normal charger should always be taken from the company, never take a substandard charger.

Local chargers are cheap but sometimes they do not have capacitors and fuses for voltage control. Due to which direct current comes in the battery of the phone and it spoils the battery of your phone.

Sometimes, in many cases of battery exploding while charging, the use of a substandard charger was found to be the reason. That’s why always take the charger of the company whose phone is. And if you have to take a portable charger, then you should buy a good company so that there is never any loss.


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