Amazon’s 9000 Employees will be unemployed

Amazon's 9000 Employees will be unemployed

Amazon e-commerce company is planning to fire 9000 employees in the next few days. This announcement was made by Amazon on Monday 20 March. Even before this, Amazon has fired 18000 Employees in the last months.

Amazon e-commerce company CEO Andy Jesse has sent a list of employees, in which employees working in the company’s AWS (Amazon Web Services), People Experience & Technology (PXT), Advertising and Twitch departments will be laid off.

Andy Jesse said that this decision is very difficult and this decision is not so right, but it was also very important to do this for the long-term success of the company. Because amazon will now do hiring for employees in strategic areas.

Amazon e-commerce company had fired 18000 employees from the company in the first January also and now the company is planning to fire 9000 employees in the 2nd round. In November, Amazon CEO Andy Jesse had said that the Amazon company would lay off employees in 2023. In January, the company fired employees working in Devices, Amazon Stores and PXT Departments.

Reason for firing employees from Amazon company

Andy Jesse, CEO of amazon company, said that the company now wants to be successful for the long term and wants to grow itself. For this, the company will now be hiring employees from strategic areas, due to which the company is firing the employees already working.

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