World’s best Paithani Saree-  Very much india

World’s best Paithani Saree

Indian womens are incomplete in their look without saree because it is not an attire it’s an emotional connection for every woman. As we know our indian hindu rituals festivals, Occasions are based on traditional attire like “Saree”

Very much India was founded in 2016 by Solny Baldev Gambhir and her husband Manish Atri. She Completed MBA after she came up with an idea and introduced “Very Much India” . This brand is related heritage traditional sarees of Maharashtra and we know saree represents the traditional culture of India.

In India, there is a full demand for silk sarees in which the total market is Rs.38,000 crore. Basically his founder wants to capture the market as well. But, this startup from Maharashtra represents Paithani Sarees across the world where the team of very much India is trying to uplift the Paithani weavers (bunai) because till now most of indian customers are still not aware about Paithani saree because these sarees are 2000 years old and remarked as “Queen of silk saree”

Why she choose this Venture

Solny Gambhir belongs to a Maharasthian family from Maharashtra and she also has a family fabric businees where She observes that Banarsi and Kanjivaram or other designer sarees are capturing the market rapidly.So she decides to quit the job and learn handloom skills with his father. Basically, she belongs from a very small village Yeola ( Maharashtra) where 4000 to 5000 weavers who only made Paithani sarees.So early she thought and wanted to establish his own brand where she wants to employ the villagers in monterey terms. Previously, start working with 25 weavers and now she has more than 400 weavers till now and this saree takes approx 2 days to make a single because it is totally make from hands with some hand work  with different designs and colours which also have butties on pallu.Now she is selling the large collection of pure silk, khadi, cotton silk sarees across the world.

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