Best Sugar Cane beverage- Canebot

Best Sugar Cane beverage- Canebot

As we know the market of coffee and other beverages are expanding rapidly. So why not Sugarcane? CaneboMt is a startup selling exclusive different flavoured beverages based on sugarcane. The legal name of the company was Canectar Foods Pvt Ltd. Recently,it was re-branded as Canebot  Previously  It was founded by a couple named Milind and Kirti Datar(Co-founder and chairperson) in Pune( Maharashtra) and started working in 2018.they worked together in an IT company. They created Mahrasthra’s largest chain of sugarcane juice outlets in the sector of juices. (Best Sugar Cane beverage)

Canebot starts its journey with an outlet model in which they already sell a number of glasses so far.So they introduce traditional combinations of various flavoured juices based on sugarcane in the form of attractive packed drinks with a shelf life of 1 year without any preservatives. They already serve their product in various IT companies like Wipro,TCS.

Mainly, They want to establish a sugarcane juice industry in future where,after a pandemic their main concern is on hygiene and freshness and provide a flavorful juice for health conscious customers. Recently they offer juices in 2 different forms. (Best Sugar Cane beverage)

  • Manned Kiosks
  • Packaged drinks
  1. Manned Kiosks- The firm has been operating hygiene Kiosks In cafeterias in corporates in which they server almost 28 lakh juices and there smart kiosk enables 24*7.
  2. Packaged drinks– When the  pandemic hits and their corporate kiosks close down so then they decide to provide their juices in Packaging form where it was a tough decision for them. In Packaged drinks they introduced 2 unique products:- “Immunity Shots”(with a flavour of ginger and turmeric) which helps in boost up the immune system and fight against virus and “Ganna Panna” with a refreshing flavour of raw mangoes. These juices are based on natural ingredients with no added preservatives.
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