India’s First Air Taxi Service launching

India’s First Air Taxi Service launching

India’s first air taxi service was launched in Chandigarh on 14 th January 2021. Mainly the service was launched under ‘Udaan Scheme of government and inaugurated by chief minister of haryana’ Monohar lal khattar.

The e- flying taxi has the capacity to seat one pilot and 3 passengers at a time which speeds faster than a helicopter. The   main focus of the company is to reduce the daily commuting challenges of urban high class people so that they can reach their destination quickly. The company behind this idea says that it is perfect for rooftop to rooftop cities only and it only takes 25 metre large space to park. This air taxi also contains the lightest twin engine plane whose weight is 760 kg only. Instead of AFT (Aviation Turbine fuel) they use Standard Octane petroleum and Avgas.You can also opt for Rs. 1,755 per seat. (India’s First Air Taxi)

Regarding the pricing, the startup claims that at present it will cost twice the rate of service offered by Uber for a single ride per passenger but for the future company’s aim is to offer similar rates provided by road taxi companies. (India’s First Air Taxi)

Startup had assured that its pickup speed was 10 times faster than cars and also had a range to cover approximately 200 kilometres per charge.

Rides that taken place

1. On 18 January, the Air taxi service will begin to be available between Hisar to dehradun. ( Second phase)

2.On 23 January its third phase will begin,where two routes will be added. First from Chandigarh to Hisar and second is from Hisar to Dharamshala. (Distance from chandigarh to Hiasr will covered by this Aircraft in 45 Minutes)

Now, Company also plan to add more routes including Kullu,Shimla and more states of Haryana.

Another company, Lilium, is developing a 5 seater electric jet that can take off and land verically. There are also other companies like Joby Aviation, EHang and Airbus,that are working on developing air taxies and air mobility solutions.

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