let us know how now you can make audio and video calls on Twitter.- Elon Musk

make audio and video calls on Twitter

Users on the social media platform Twitter will soon be able to make audio and video calls without sharing the number. The company’s CEO Elon Musk has announced that now user can make audio and video call on twitter. Along with this, encrypted messaging service will also start on the app from May 11 (Thursday). With this service, 2 people will be able to have conversations with each other and no third person will be able to see these conversations.

Musk tweeted, ‘In the latest version of the app, you can reply to any comment in the thread directly in DM ie Direct Message and will also be able to respond using any Emojis.

Encrypted DM V1.0′ will be released on May 11, with which users can make video and audio calls on Twitter.

Elon Musk told that tomorrow i.e. on May 11, ‘Encrypted DM V1.0’ will be released. With its help, users can talk on audio and video calls on Twitter. And this service will grow very fast. He said in his own style that ‘even if there is a gun on my temple, I cannot see your DM’. After this Direct Message (DM) will be limited between 2 people. No one else will be able to see it, not even CEO Elon Musk himself.

You can make video-audio calls on Twitter without exchanging numbers

Musk further said through the same tweet, ‘Soon you will be able to make video and audio calls on twitter to anyone from your handle. Through this feature, you will be able to talk to people anywhere in the world without having to exchange your number. However, Musk did not say whether the video-audio calls would be encrypted or not.

Musk’s 4 big decisions after buying Twitter

1. CEO Parag Agarwal was fired

Elon Musk bought Twitter on 27 October 2022 for $44 billion. After this, Musk had fired four top officials of the company. These include CEO Parag Agarwal, finance chief Ned Segal, legal executives Vijaya Gadde and Sean Edgett. This was followed by Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Berland, Chief Customer Officer Sarah Persnet and Vice President of Global Client Solutions Jean-Philippe Maheu.

2. fired more than 50% employees

Elon Musk has fired more than 50% of Twitter’s 7,500 employees. He then emailed the remaining employees with an ultimatum to stay with the company. In an email to employees, Musk wrote, “Employees will need to work very hard to build a successful Twitter 2.0.” At the same time, long hours of work and high efficiency will have to be shown for success.

3. Got Trump back on Twitter

In November 2022, Musk restored the Twitter account of former US President Donald Trump. He did a poll on Twitter about Trump’s return. He had asked whether President Trump’s account should be restored. Yes or no More than 15 million users took part in the voting and 52% answered yes.

4. Blue Subscription Service

Elon Musk has launched the Blue subscription service worldwide. The Blue subscription service costs Rs 900 per month for Android and iOS mobile users in India. Web users can avail Blue subscription service for Rs 650 a month. This was announced by Elon Musk on Tuesday night, five days after buying Twitter on October 27.

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