How to   start  a career  and make money in the field of animation? 

In the field of animation

There are many wonderful careers in this era and not all are that exciting. You go with your wants and interests as long as they don’t subside. In the field of animation has to use creativity and imagination to come up with great ideas. They mostly think out of the box and find solutions in a very interesting way.

Apart from a strong foundation in art and design they always involve spending time in several hours on the computer. It is important that you have a decent ability to create or draw something new. Apart from color size and composition there are also some technical skills that are equally important .


Build a carrier in the field of  animation :-

In the field of animation,  you must do possible jobs in 2D animator, 3D animator,  background artist and so on. The work which animators do is. They are creating a frame,  designing an animated environment with backgrounds, objects, and sets. They usually work with clients or a game designer. Before the animation the animator has to draw a storyboard and create real models. 

Required skills in the field of animation:-

If you want to be a good animator, you must have the ability to express ideas in the form of drawings. You can create an image of anything in an aesthetic way. You must have artistic skills, attention to detail. To show your creativity. You also have knowledge about  the  color and theme.  You must have knowledge about computer skills such as animation software such as Maya blender, Adobe effect. UX wireframes, Prototyping, 3D modeling these are also required in the field of animation.

In the field of animation Digital Art Brain comes in the top 1% in the world, in this company work related to graphic designing and digital marketing is done. Animators can  improve their skills here. Here the animator gets a lot of opportunities to show his creative skills.

If you are considering a career in animation, do your research and make sure it is the right field for you.


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