A new feature added to Instagram account- Users can add 5 links in bio.

new-feature-added-to-instagram account

In Instagram account , users can now add up to 5 links in the bio at once. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has given this information through his Instagram channel account. Before this users could add only 2 links in the bio of their Instagram account.

However, even without this feature, many people add more than one link to their Instagram bio with the help of third party service ‘Linktree‘. Because Linktree gives its users the option to create a webpage with multiple URL (links) in the account. After creating a webpage, users add the link of that webpage to the bio of Instagram.

Now all 5 links will be visible in your Instagram account

Earlier all the links added in bio with the help of Linktree are not visible in Instagram profile, but after this feature now all 5 links will be visible in your Instagram profile. But if someone visits your Instagram profile then he/she will not see all the links in the profile page. Profile visitor will see ‘Others’ option at the bottom with a link.

By clicking on this others, the visitor will see all the links added by you in the Instagram profile.

Instagram users follow all the steps below to add 5 links in the bio of your Instagram account.

  • First of all open the Instagram app.
  • After opening Instagram you go to your profile page.
  • Then click on edit option in your profile.
  • Then tap on the link option available in bio.
  • Now you can add 5 links in bio one by one with the title of your choice.

What is bio in instagram account?

We can also know Bio by the name of ‘Introduction Line’. With the help of Bio in Instagram, you have to tell about your profile. Like all people have their own intro, through which we introduce ourselves in front of people. In the same way, with the help of bio of any social media, we introduce the profile visitor about our profile.

The Benefits Of Sharing In The Bio Of INstagram Account

  • You can add multiple social media accounts to your Instagram.
  • You can promote your website, youtube channel with the help of bio link.
  • You can promote your or someone else’s NGO, business by adding link in bio.

Instagram also enabled cross-platform sharing service in the new feature

Instagram has also recently enabled cross-platform sharing service with the help of a new feature. After this, now Instagram users can share their reels and posts directly on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and many other platforms.


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