New security feature launched- Now your Whats App will never be hacked

New security feature launched- Now your Whats App will never be hacked

Meta-owned Whats App is trying its best to crack down on hacking. Nowadays, due to the large number of users of Whats App, many people have started hacking Whats App and misusing it. Due to the high number of Whats App hacking, Meta has launched a new feature for security in Whats App. Recently it has revealed new security measures to give users more control over their messages and increase the privacy level. In this feature, we secure all the things that happen through the message. And will also save old conversations.

New security feature of whats app

The instant messaging platform has launched a new security feature called Account Protect. This feature will provide users with an additional security layer when they transfer their Whats App account to a new device. To help prevent unauthorized access, this feature will prompt users on older devices to confirm that they want to move their account to another device.

A hacker will not be able to hack your Whats App, such a feature has been launched in which Whats App will not even open without the permission of the users.

Whats App has launched another new feature called Device Verification. Its purpose is to protect users from mobile device malware that can take advantage of their phones without permission and use Whats App to send unwanted messages. By not requiring user action, Whats App has added checks to authenticate users’ accounts and keep them safe in case their devices are compromised.

In addition to these new features, the company is also launching an automated security code feature called “Key Transparency”. In which on the basis of a process the connections of the users will also be securely verified. Previously, only the most security-conscious users of the app could use the security code verification feature to ensure they were chatting with the correct recipient. A feature intended to make secure messaging more accessible to everyone by verifying the security of a connection without fail. There is so much security in this feature of Whats App that no one can log into your Whats App without your permission.

In addition, Whats App also offers two-step verification and end-to-end affidavit as security options that users can activate on their phones themselves at Settings. The company encourages users to share these features with their friends to help more people stay safe.

Any user opens Whats App on his phone and goes to Settings and turns it on. You can do two step verification by opening the setting and clicking on the account. The ultimate goal of the new features is to give users more privacy and control over their conversation. And Whats App promises to continue developing new tools to enhance security.

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