Why was Donald Trump arrested after arriving in New York?

Donald Trump arrested

Donald Trump is an American politician and a businessman who is the 45th president of America from 2017 to 2021. Few hours back, why was Donald Trump arrested after arriving in New York? Let’s have a look at why Donald trump Arrested?

It will happen for the first time that An America president has been  faced with criminal charges and arrested while arriving at the New York courtroom. He has been blame for a hush money case and has had an affair with an adult film actress named Stormy Daniels or been blamed for grabbing gifts worth of cores.

This blame exactly looks like the blame on Pakistan PM Imraan. Mainly this case is related to  1 Lakh 30 thousand US dollars which was paid by trump to Stormy Daniels for silence and claim up for secret affairs where she said that she met Trump in July 2006. Now He has been under investigation over hush money paid just before the 2016 election to a porn star who says they had sex where he didnt want this information to come in front of the media.

It is also said that when Donald Trump entered the courthouse then some secret service agents were arrested and he did not admit that he was committing a crime but for his defendant he said in a clear and loud voice:’Not Guilty’ in front of the judge. After saying ‘no guilty’  a large crowd had gathered in front of the courtrooms after he came out from the courtroom.

He is denied all 34 felony counts that are charged against him and he is also denied for all wrongdoing payments that were made to Stormy Daniels. But in the US there was not any kind of rule that prevents any criminal that is found guilty of any crime.

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