6G network will be launched in India soon – Narendra Modi

6G network will be launched

After 4G and 5G network in India, 6G is also going to be launched soon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the roadmap of 6G network. By 2030 the service of 6G network is expected to start in India. It has been told by many experts of India that the speed of 6G network will be much better than 5G network. It is believed that 1000GB of video will be downloaded from 6G network in just 1 second.

Experts believe that the speed of 6G internet can be 100 times more (about 100GBPS) than 5G. With the launch of 6G 142 hours of content can be downloaded from Netflix in just 1 second.

With the arrival of 6G in India, artificial intelligence and machine learning will be better than before. At present, the work which requires a human being for supervision, after 6G, they will be able to do that work with the help of AI and machine learning. Connected machines and robots will also save energy and water.

With 6G ultra reliable low latency communication service will be even better, that is any information will reach from one place to another in less than a millisecond. For example you are speaking in live, your voice reaches the audience after a few seconds. but this time will not take in 6G network. This will allow the audience to see and hear you in real time. While talking on video call, you will feel like you are talking to him face to face.

With the introduction of 6G, smart transportation is expected. This will avoid situations like traffic jam. Metro and other vehicles can be easily operated without a driver in an automatic manner.

Pekka Landmark, CEO of Nokia company, said that after the implementation of 6G, the importance of the smartphone will decrease in India as well, although people will use the smartphone, but people will start using it in a new updated form. There will be technology like ”Cyborg and computer brain”.

‘Cyborg’ means that chips and other technology can be fitted into the human body. Through this technology, a human body part can be replaced through a machine.

According to Strategy Analytics, only one person in 7 people worldwide is using 5G. Countries like America, China and South Korea first started providing 5G services in 2019.

In such a situation, the question arises in the minds of many people that 5G has not yet reached all the people, so why is 6G being talked about?

In answer to this question, experts say that a standard is required in a telecommunication network. In this, efforts are made to make one generation good by making one standard. Therefore, since the arrival of 5G, talks have started on the launch of 6G.

And the industry cannot depend on only one technology. It is only after launching a product that it starts looking for its second generation. Therefore, this is the reason why many countries including India are coming forward with vision plans regarding 6G even before 5G is fully spread.

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