let us Know how to direct messages from Meta Threads and also 4 hidden features will make chatting experience better ?

On July 5, 2023, Instagram Threads launched the app. Meta Platforms operates this app. The report declares that this app, looks exactly like Twitter, but it is stated to be totally different from Twitter. Only those people who have an account on Instagram can use this app. With the help of Instagram threads, users can post photos as well as they can remain active with the help of text. A new update has come in which users can send direct messages from Meta threads. Now people can also chat with each other easily. With the help of this app, you can also comment on people’s photos. Instagram threads have the ability to write captions of up to 500 words, as well as add photos, videos, and links. Threads are a great way to communicate with your network and the world at large.

Users can direct messages from Meta threads

Nowadays people are not physically connected so they can call the particular person or send direct messages. Direct messages are very important for each other’s connection. So far in every social media app, you can talk to people with the help of direct messages, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram itself. Meta has not launched this feature on Instagram threads. But soon, this update can be seen in Threads as well. However, on meta threads the user only gets the option to share the post. The user in this case has no such option on the site to chat about any subject. In which two people can easily talk. After the DM feature in threads, the user can go to the option of private conversation with his friends, and  followers.

4 hidden features to improve direct messages from Meta threads:- 

Instagram Threads have become popular day by day since its announcement. But there are some features that you may not be aware of, here are 4 such features that you should know about.

  • Quickly follow someone on Threads :- Threads have a quick follow feature that allows users to follow other users instantly. Users can follow others without opening the profile. You can simply tap on the + icon next to their handle to follow them.
  • Quickly create a new thread:-  To post a new thread, users need to click on the + icon at the bottom. If the user wants to share more than one photo, then he has to tap on the add button in the thread. Meta has made it even simpler. To add a new photo, users just need to triple-tap the Enter button on their system’s keyboard.
  • Mute users:- Many times users do not want to talk to whom much, or some people are troubling you by direct message  too much, then threads have the option to mute individual persons. This feature could be used for people you don’t care much about or for those you want to avoid being irritated every time you post something. Whoever you want to mute, there will be 3 dots on his post, click on it and click on mute. When you mute someone, the app will not show you their notifications.
  • Hidden words:- To access this feature, go to the profile of the user whose words you want to hide.The Privacy button can be chosen by clicking the hamburger menu. From there, click to Hidden Words, where you can enable the option to hide offensive words and phrases. The list can also include your own unique words.

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With the help of this app, you can easily talk to anyone with the help of direct messages. This app is very safe and you can also take advantage of 4 new features from Direct Message.

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