How to apply for a passport online?

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Passport is an official government  document . That a person identifies citizenship and  is allowed to travel internationally. It holds as a proof of nationality and provides legal identification while traveling abroad. Apply for a passport contains personal information, the holder’s full name, date of birth, gender. It also includes passport number, nationality and citizenship, personal photo,holder signature and so on.

Steps to apply for a passport online:-

  1. Register through the Passport Seva Online Portal:- Go to the website on passport seva online  portal. Apply for Passport Register by clicking on the “New Registration User” link on the homepage.
  1. Login to the passport seva portal using your registered login id:-  After registration your passport seva portal. Now you can login your id. Now click for the new  passport. Or re-issue your passport link is available. 
  1. Fill the necessary requirements:- Apply for a passport now it’s time to fill  all the necessary documents. That is required to generate a new passport. 
  1. Pay and schedule appointment:-   click on pay and schedule appointment. Link on the view/ saved/ submitted application screen to book on appointment. 
  1. Process of online payment:- It is compulsory to make an online payment through registration. Customers can choose in various ways debit card, credit card, master card, visa. Sometime must be  such as internet banking, state bank of india.
  1. Print application receipt:- print the application receipt must require details like application reference number or appointment number. On the other hand SMS have an alternative option that is accepted as a proof in the passport office to apply for a passport.

What we need to apply for a passport online:-

  • Check the eligibility requirements:-  visit your country’s official passport website. And review the eligibility criteria to make sure of all the necessary requirements for the passport.    
  • Gather required documents:-  Take note that you will submit all the required documents online. Apply for a passport includes your birthmark, date of birth, proof of citizenship, passport size photo, or any other supporting documents on the website. 
  • Create an online account:-   we can applied online in various online portal in many countries.  Look up for signup or create an account option on the passport website. Now follow the instructions to set up your account. 
  • Fill out the application form :-  Apply for a passport you have an online account, you will be able to access the passport application form.  You must fill  in all the details correctly.
  • Follow up your application:- Now you can submit the application. After that, tracking your passport is detailed using an online portal. You can receive updates and ask some questions if you require. 
  • Collect your passport:- once your application is approved you will be informed by notification or via email. Follow the instructions provided to you  and your passport. 

In this way we can apply for a passport online very easily and you can enjoy the whole world trip. 


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