How to recover deleted data from a memory card ?

How to recover deleted data from a memory card ? – A Memory Card is a small portable storage device used to store data or information. Memory Cards are mainly used in electronic portable devices such as tablets, drones,  smartphones, computers, laptops and digital cameras. By using memory cards, people can store the photos, videos, documents, game data and provide additional storage space.


Types of Memory Card (How to recover deleted data from a memory card ?)

  1. “SD” (Secure Digital) Cards :- 

SD card is a removable storage device used to store and transfer digital data.

  1. Micro SD Cards –
  • It is a smaller version of the SD card which is used in tablets and smartphones.
  • MicroSDHC and MicroSDXC variants with similar 


  1. CompactFlash (CF) Cards –
  • CF Cards are using in professional cameras and video devices.
  • CF cards specialize in high storage capacity and fast data transfer rates.
  1. XQD and CFexpress Cards –

It is using in cameras and camcorders for their high-speed performance and capacity of large storage.

  1. Memory Stick – 
  • Memory stick was developed by Sony. So, it is using in Sony cameras and other devices.
  • Memory sticks are  various types like Memory Stick Pro,  Memory Stick Pro Duo and Memory Stick Micro (M2).

Memory cards are one of the most widely used storage devices that help keep your data safe. If the user has deleted the data by mistake then it is not difficult to recover the deleted data. Recovering deleted data from a memory card involves various steps and software. (How to recover deleted data from a memory card ?)

These are the steps to recover deleted data : -(How to recover deleted data from a memory card ?)

1. Stop Using the Memory Card 

The user must stop using the memory card immediately to prevent new data from overwriting the deleted files. Do not save anything new on it. (How to recover deleted data from a memory card ?)

2. Use Data Recovery Software

  • Recuva :- Recuva can recover deleted files or data from internal and external hard disk drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, portable media players. It is a user-friendly tool with both free and paid versions. (How to recover deleted data from a memory card ?)

  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard :- EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a powerful system recovery software that is designed to enable you to recover files you’ve deleted accidentally or lost to malware. (How to recover deleted data from a memory card ?)

  • Disk Drill :- Disk Drill for Windows is a simple free data recovery software that restores deleted files from hard disks, external USB drives or any kind of storage media. Recover your deleted files on Windows, including Office documents, archives, and media files quickly and easily. (How to recover deleted data from a memory card ?)

  • PhotoRec :- PhotoRec is a free and easy software for data recovery with text-based user interface using data carving techniques, designed to recover lost files from various digital camera memory, hard disk and CD-ROM. It can recover the files with more than 480 file extensions. (How to recover deleted data from a memory card ?)

3. Steps to Recover Data Using Recovery Software (Recuva as an example)

  1. Install the Software :- Download the Recuva from the website and install it to the system.
  2. Connect the Memory Card :- Connect the memory card to the system.
  3. Start the App :- Open the Recuva app . In starting it is greeted  by the Recuva Wizard. Then Click “Next” to start the recovery process.
    1. Select the file type which the user wants to recover or “All Files”.
    2. Select the location in the memory card where the files are .
    3. Then Click “Next” and “Start” to start the recovery process.
  4.  Scan for Deleted Files :- Recuva app will scan the memory card for recoverable files and data. 
  5. Preview and Recover Files :- Once scanning is complete it shows the list of recoverable files.
    1. Then Preview the files which the user wants to recover and click on “Recover”.    
    2. Then select the different location to save the recovered files. 
    3. (Don’t select the same memory card) 


4. Use Professional Data Recovery Services (If necessary)

If the software fails to recover the files or if the memory card is physically damaged then, the user might need to turn to professional data recovery services. These services can be expensive. (How to recover deleted data from a memory card ?)

5. Prevent Future Data Loss

  • Regularly back up the data.
  • Carefully use memory cards to avoid physical damage.
  • Use reliable and updated antivirus software to prevent data corruption from malware.


 Conclusion :- Memory cards are electronic storage for your devices by storing media such as photos and videos. In this, we can store any type of data or files. Memory cards are small in size and lightweight. It has better storage space. If the data is deleted by any mistake from the user then it is not hard to recover the deleted data. So there is no difficulty using a memory card. 

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