How to set up  Google Analytics 4 ?

google analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is also known as GA4. It is the latest version of Google analytics platform. In 2020 it will be introduced by google. Google Analytics 4 provides an advanced visualization for tracking and analyzing website and app data. It provides more flexibility as well as great features and better cross-platform insights. The property of Google Analytics that you are currently using. It  is going to be automatically removed from July 1, 2023. If you want to keep all the information of your visitors and your  viewers. And also if you want your   data  to be safe.  For this you have to switch from google analytics to GA4. In this blog, we are telling how you can switch the property of google analytic to the property of GA4.  As well as we will tell what are its benefits of GA4.

here are some step to set up google analytics 4:-

  • Go to setup assistant :- Firstly you can  visit the google analytic website. Then you got the pop up of an update to GA4. Now you click on  the setup assistant. Then on that new page you will see google analytics 4 property setup (not connected) .
  • Create a new Google Analytics 4 property:-  Secondly, you will click on the “go to started”. Now you can click on enable data collecting using existing analytics. Then you click on create property. Now you successfully connected to the Google Analytics 4 property. But here  the process is still going on.
  • Click Go to your GA4 property:- When you click Go to your GA4 property you will enter a new page. You will auto connect with the website. 

Now you have to Complete your  seven steps in Google Analytics 4:-

  • Collect website and app data :-  You are seeing an arrow to complete each step. Firstly you can click the arrow. After that you click on manage data stream. 

Click manage data stream:-  You click manage data steam then you will enter a new page. Then you will show your website with the addition of GA4 after that you will click on the arrow. 

  • After that you will see the “view tag instruction”. And now you will click on that. Even if you scroll down you will see the option of “view tag instruction”. 
  • After clicking on it, some coding will open, which you will have to install on your website. 
  •  You will enter a new page that is Install your google tag. If you use the “site in plunging” then you can also use it. Or if you do that plugin, then from that list you can also install through that plugin. Or you can also “click manually” by clicking on Install manually.
  •  Now you go to visit your own website  Then you go on the setting option. After that you will click on the header and footer. You have to paste your code in the header and footer section, after pasting, click on save. The connection that we have is connected with the G4 property. Back we have to go to the Google Analytics page. And click on the finish button. 
  • Click to setup assistant,  now we will look into the collect website and app data. Then you will click on the not started and click on the “mark us complete”. Then you will mark as complete by clicking on Not Started. 
  • After that you will see  that your seven steps have been completed. And we have also converted to Google Analytics G4.

After completing your 7 steps then you will check by yourself in Google Analytics 4 :-

Go to the report section:- Then you will be sure that you will convert to Google Analytics G4. You will go to the report section. Then you’ll go from there to the real-time section. If you go to that page. And you will also know how many people are visiting your website from their phone, how many from their laptop and from which city.

Here are some key advantages of using Google Analytics 4 :-

  • Easy to understand:- Google Analytics 4 is easy to understand to the customer. It is easier to understand by common people. 
  • Data control:-  The information you need to control the data is very simple. With  the use of Google Analytics 4, you can easily control your data. It’s a very simple technique. 
  • Find a full and wide report:- You can get your complete data with the help of GA4.  And you also get it will help in giving you complete knowledge. You will also find a comprehensive report on your website traffic. It also includes where the data come from, how they found your site and how they interact with it. 
  • Improve tracking process:- GA4 also improves the tracking process. The Result is more accurate data than ever before. The interface has been updated. The interface is updated with a smooth  process.  So it is easier to follow these valuable examples for a business. 
  • New features :- It includes new features and also it has improved. So if you have not upgraded yet then you should be.  This new version is more powerful and adds some new features. 
  • Behavior of users :- You can use growing demographic reporting to improve your user behavior. Sometimes you can create your audience and fit your report. 
  • Custom login tracking :- You can also create a custom login tracking. Get customer sign-in information to view sales.
  • Save time:-The new version of GA4 is designed to save time as well as resources. And contains the necessary resources to apply analytics to your website and  for your aap.
  • Provide more than 25 services :- This tool provides more than 25 services. It also includes the salesforce and it also helps to advertise to reach the target audience.  With the help of these tools you can easily see how the consumer behaves at each stage of the purchase time. You also see you buy your product online and how they get there.
  • More personalized experience:-  By using this  you can prepare your data properly. And you can give advice based on previous experience. And the best part is that it is free too. 

In this way we can say that  you can set up  Google Analytics 4

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