What is the difference between digital sim and physical sim ?

digital sim and physical sim

Nowadays everyone is following the new trend in the digital world. Whatever new trend is doing, people are starting to live their life according to that. And nowadays there is a big trend of e-sim too. And many people still do not know the difference between digital sim and physical sim. By the way, everyone must have seen physical sim till date and must have used physical sim only.

It is possible that many people are also using e-SIM in their phones. But many people are still unaware of e-sim even today. They do not know what is this E-SIM, or Digital SIM. And how to use this sim.

What is E-sim and Physical SIM? And what are their benefits?

eSIM is a digital SIM card, which is embedded in the device itself. eSIMs are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Because digital sim comes with many benefits as compared to physical sim.

eSIM does not need to be inserted or removed from the phone repeatedly.

eSIM or digital SIMs are more secure than physical SIMs as they can never be lost or stolen.

  • What is physical sim?

Physical SIM is physically inserted in the mobile device. Physical SIM cards are by far the most common type of SIM card. Which everyone uses till date.

  • Benefits of physical sim

Physical SIMs are more widely available than digital SIM cards, as not all devices support eSIM or digital SIM.

Physical SIMs are much cheaper than digital SIM cards.

Physical SIM cards are easier to use than e-SIMs. Because there is no need to activate the physical sim.


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