how does social media affect mental health in youth? (impact of social media on youth)

social media affect mental health in youth

Impact of social media on youth- Social media is a powerful communication tool that is used by everybody. This medium helps us to interact with one another but somewhere it affects our physical and mental health in youth. After covid 19, it will be observed that the use of social media increased continuously due to this mental health affects badly for every individual. On mental health, Dr. Jablo cautioned that unlimited use of social media weakens mutual bonds and can have a negative impact on a person’s mind and  body health.

How social media can impact mental health in youth? (impact of social media on youth)

As we know, using social media (Instagram, Facebook, whats app) creates the culture of comparison where people start comparing themselves . and by seeing reels on Instagram they just want to adopt the same lifestyle of rich peoples. which may somewhere lead to increased depression,anxiety. While sometimes people feel uncomfortable sharing the reason for depression.

Nowadays we see almost every teenager now has a social media account where they are not aware that it leads to the path of addiction which harms their health. A research shows that young adults who use social media platforms are 3 times likely to suffer from depression and sometimes it turns into suicide also. (impact of social media on youth)

According to the theory, people who spend more time on social media and use it continouslty they  have less time for face-to-face  interaction. they only connected on whats app call insead of meeting them personally.

impact of social media on youth

Social media also distracts you with your work which leads to bad productivity and demotivates you . one most important thing that affects mental health badly is that people are blogging on social media doing things just for more likes and to increase subscribers. (impact of social media on youth)

Effect of social media on teenagers is like,it increases low energy and sometimes. It affects mostly teenagers who spend more time in bed. while many of them are always busy on mobile phones and spend more time on social media.According to a Research it will also observed that due to social media, kids have no interest in their friends circle or spending less time with favorite hobbies. they always spend their play time with mobile phones and playing games on mobile phone.

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