new feature has been rolled out on WhatsApp groups called privacy.

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WhatsApp is a social media app that connects us to each other and we can easily talk to people with its help. We can send messages through this app, through this app we can also make calls on it. And this app lets us share things like photos and videos with our friends and family. You can use your phone or computer to operate it, and it works with a different variety of phones. WhatsApp also keeps users’ messages private and secure. Only that person can see or hear your message to whom you are forwarding this message. This assures you that your conversations are private and secure. The ‘phone number privacy’ feature is going to be available soon in the instant messaging app WhatsApp. With the help of this feature, no one in your WhatsApp group will be able to see your number. The Meta-owned company has currently made this feature available only for some beta users. Soon after testing, other users will also be able to use this feature.

only a few people will be able to see your phone on WHATSAPP groups called privacy.

Users can maintain privacy with the phone number privacy feature on the WhatsApp app. The report states that after enabling this feature, only the admin of the group and the people who have saved the user’s phone number in their contact list will be able to see the user’s phone number. But yes, this privacy feature will be applicable only to the members of the group, everyone will be able to see the group admin number. Now people cannot misuse the number with this privacy feature.  This privacy feature has been rolled out for both the operating systems (Android and iOS). If any users want to use this feature then they have to install the latest beta update immediately. After the update to the users, a new option of ‘Phone number privacy’ level will be shown in the community. So that they can operate this feature easily.

WHATSAPP groups called privacy :- these days the company has more importance on security.

The instant messaging app WhatsApp under the control of Meta is more alert these days regarding the safety and security of the users. In April also the company rolled out three new security features. The user’s WhatsApp account is now viruses and hacker threats thanks to these features. Also, without users’ permission, other apps or malware will not be able to send messages to others. Not only this, if an unknown person tries to open the WhatsApp account of any users, then the users will immediately get an alert message, they can immediately find out who is trying to open their WhatsApp. In April, it was told by the reporter that in the coming time, the company can also provide many other new security features to the users, which will be helpful in maintaining the privacy and safety of the user.

All these three features came in April so that the users are getting security. The first one was Account Protect, the second one is Device Verification and the third one is Automatic Security Code and all these three features are very safe. The number of unknown people in a group will no longer be visible to anyone thanks to a recent addition to WhatsApp.

Similarly, you can secure your social media WhatsApp by installing this latest beta update. It is very safe and can protect users from fraud.

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