What is the best free keyword research toolS?

free keyword research tools

Free keyword research toolS help to find the  best keyword that  the target customer is actually searching for. That the target customer can find the best keyword and they can use it for writing a blog. It is one of the most crucial pieces for research informing the digital marketing strategy.

There are several best free keyword research tools:-

  • Google keyword planner :- This tool is given by google ads and offers valuable insight into keyword ideas. They also refer to the search volume, competition level, and bid estimate. This tool is free for use but you need to make a google account. 
  • SEMrush:- It is a  powerful  research tool that contains SEO tools. It contains powerful keyword  research features. It  also provides data on search volume, keyword difficulty, related keywords. 
  • Ahrefs:- It is the all in one SEO  tool  set  for growing the search traffic and optimizing websites. It stores a lot of data and makes it simple to use the data interface. And also find keywords  to rank them. 
  • Moz Keyword Explorer:- These tools help you to perform the gap analysis. It determines where you can improve specific ranking to the competitor. 
  • LongTailPro:- It is just like SEMrush the LongTailPro  is multifaceted  SEO research and auditing tools. They can capture the target audience, affiliate marketing, SEO consultant, and marketing  professional. 

Here are some important note about best free keyword research tools:-

 It permit many components of marketing activities. It also allows you to uncover the specific term that people are actually using. If you have the best keyword find then you build the SEO strategy. That allows us to find the best implemented word. 

In this way we can say that, these are that help to find the  best keyword and then they target the audience. It is important to help the users to find their keyword.

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