Youtubers with 500 Subscribers can also monetize YouTube channel

Attractive video- sharing and social media platform Monetize YouTube channel  has announced that channels with 500 subscribers are now Qualified to earn money, reducing the Capability subscribe Calculation from the previous 1000. The platform made the change in its qualification requirement and twisted its monetization YouTube channels policy to give smaller creators a chance to keep and produce on the platform. 

Monetize youtube channel are only 500 Subscribers are needed

Monetize YouTube Channel is giving some enjoyment to the people in the monetization policy under its YouTube partner program (YPP). Along with this, the channel should also have 3 public videos in the last 90 days. After passing this criteria the user account will be ready for monetization of the youTube channel. The company’s Thanks, Super Chat, and Super Subscription capabilities will be accessible to the user.

Please tell me that the company has just started this new policy only in the US (United States), UK (United kingdom), and South Korea, before making its way to other regions. In addition, the  monetize YouTube Channel Company is expanding the shopping affiliate pilot program to more creators in the US. Users who are already on YPP and have more than 20,000 Subscribers can account commission by tagging products in videos and shorts. 

The new monetization YouTube channel policies implemented?

According to media reports, YouTube has Supplied the new monetization policy in the US (United States), UK . Soon it will be equipped in other countries including India. 

 Alternative video-sharing and social media platform YouTube has announced that Monetization of YouTube channels with 500 subscribers . And now Qualified to earn money, reducing the eligibility subscriber count from the previous 1000.

The platform made the change in its capacity requirements and twisted its monetization of the YouTube channel . These policy to give smaller creators a chance to survive and produce on the platform India.

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