Best Mobility Platform for India’s  Peoples – Blu Smart

Will Ola & Uber replaced by BLU SMART in INDIA?

BluSmart, is a ride sharing platform that provides electric vehicles. The company was founded in Gurugram and co-founded by Anmol Jaggi, Puneet K Goyal  in October 2018.

It is the largest fleet of Electronic cabs and is the only Electric vehicle (EV) riding- company in India. It is the best smart mobility platform that can be easily affordable by the middle class. The best part of their cars are they are fully sanitised and  their drivers treat every customer in a very friendly manner. now It operating in gurgaon and South Delhi and after than will work all over india.

Blu smart aim is to provide safe and comfortable ride and also wants to provide eco- friendly transportation solutions for urban commutes. The platform allows users to book electric cars and scooters through its mobile app with an option of hourly or daily rental.

Blu Smart are actively monitoring all the trips by taking safety precautions for their customers. The vehicles are equipped with various features like air conditioner, GPS and in car- wifi. They are taking all the safety measures during a pandemic. Here the main role of drivers are they open the door, sanitise customers’ hands and also close the door on their own. For women’s safety they have an emergency exit also in any case if a woman is feeling insecure while riding. Driver’s main focus is that they can only drive on  speed 60; they are not allowed to misbehave their customers and to increase the car speed.

How Blusmart is different from Ola and Uber services

Blu smart,ola,uber,are all ride sharing platforms that are used by everyone.but there are some key differences between them. Here let’s see how Blusmart’s services  are different from ola and uber.

  1. Blusmart is focused on providing the best experience and sustainable and eco-friendly ride while ola and uber primarily offer rides in traditional gasolines- powered cars.
  2. While, in terms of prices they all are offering different competitive rates in this, the rate of every ride totally depends on time,distance and day. In blusmart rates are slightly high because here driver arrived on location before 30 minutes.
  3. In terms of coverage ola and uber are currently available in more cities across india but Blusmart only focused primarily on Delhi NCR regions.Now they will plan to expand in other cities shortly.
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