how to know whether the phone you have taken is new or old ?- May be loss of thousands

How to avoid fraud while buying a new phone

There are many frock shopping applications available in the markets these days, often linked to smartphones. In which phone sellers sell many old phones to the customers by luring them with branded phones in the name of discount. In the recent past, there have been many cases of selling smartphone refurbished phones, in which many small companies buy customers’ old phones and make them like new and sell them back to people at a low price.

Phones sold to customers have old parts inside but their bodies are changed from above. That’s why customers feel that the phone taken by them is new. If this has ever happened to you too, today you have been told about some such tips, with the help of which you can easily identify the old smartphone.

Have you ever been sold an old phone instead of a new one, find out in all these ways.

  1. Always Check Branding

If you are taking any new phone, then first check its branding. Whether you take a new or old phone, always check the branding of its package to identify it. If the branding description is not written in the phone you have taken, then understand that the phone you have taken is old.

All brand companies selling smartphones send their phones in packaging, in which the phone’s company’s packet is always given along with the phone.

  1. Find the Manufacturing EMEI of the Phone

You can identify your phone by its EMEI number while getting a new phone. From that it is known whether the phone you have taken is new or old.

To know about your phone, first of all you can find out about your phone by writing KYM in the message inbox and sending your EMEI by giving space and sending it to 14422.

  1. Check phone settings:

Whenever you want to get a new phone, do check the settings as soon as you get the phone. Because a new phone has all its default settings, whereas an old phone may have customised settings.

  1. See the operating system of the phone:

Check the operating system when buying a phone. A new phone should come with the latest version in the operating system, whereas if the phone you have is old then it may have an old version in the operating system.

  1. Check all the accessories that came with the phone:

If you are getting a new phone, then carefully check all the accessories that come with the phone. A new phone will come with all its original accessories including a charger, USB cable and headphones (if applicable from the company) in the original box.

If any of these accessories are missing or you feel that all these accessories are already used by someone, then it can be a sign that the phone is not new.

Therefore, if you are taking a new phone, then all these things must be kept in mind. While taking the phone, always check carefully that it is not used by anyone. And if you are taking an old phone, then it should be reset first so that no previous data remains.


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