How to check the statement of a bank account by phonePe?

statement of bank account

PhonePe has become a popular digital payment platform in India.  Sameer Nigam founded PhonePe in December 2015.It  has gained significant  pull among users due to its facility of use. PhonePe is allowing users to do a variety of transactions and payments using their smartphones.

Statement of bank account PhonePe operates on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) platform. Established by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), a real-time payment system. UPI enables users to link their bank accounts with the PhonePe app and make instant money transfers and payments.

What is the new update by phonepe in the statement of bank account? 

PhonePe on Tuesday launched its account collector services through its wholly owned part .All financial data, such as bank statements, will be allowed to be shared with regulated financial institutions. This new service provided by the company will help users apply for loans, buy new insurance or get investment advice. People can make use of the power of their own information with the help of the Account Collections Network. Opens a creation of opportunities and makes wise financial decisions.

Follow the all step to check the statement of bank account:-

Step 1:- open the phonepe:- Firstly, you can open the phonepe in your mobile phone. And click the check balance.

Step 2:-  See bank statement:- Now you can go on the bank statement. Then you got the OTP that is a one time password. You can put the OTP and choose the current bank name. 

Step 3:- open Account Aggregator :- Now  in your phone automatic open Account Aggregator. Then you click on the view statement. Then you can check the statement of your bank account.  

In this way you can check the statement of bank account by phonePe. This is very secure and safe at this point of time.

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