What is Artificial Intelligence ? Advantage or disadvantagE.

what is Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence- Artificial intelligence is simply human intelligence translated into machine language, particularly into computer systems. Typical unsuitability of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision. AI is booming, so vendors are mixing up to boost the way they use their products and services. 

Often, what they refer to as AI is a component of technology, such as machine learning. Often everyone wants to know what is Artificial Intelligence? Here, along with telling you about AI, it has also been told about its advantages and disadvantages.

 what is Artificial Intelligence Advantage :-

  • Good at detail-oriented jobs:- Artificial intelligence also has a good or better than a doctor. They  give the best suggestion than the doctor. They give more good suggetion diagnosing certain cancers. 
  • Reduced time for data-heavy tasks:- In Artificial intelligence can be widely used in data heavy industry. It also includes banking and security, pharma and insurance. To reduce their time, it takes to analyze a big data set. 
  • Saves labor and increases productivity:-  In the time of COVID-19. Employees have more use of this. It can also save our time and increase productivity. To increase with the  integration of AI and machine learning is important.
  • Delivers consistent results:- The best part to deliver has a high level of consistency.  They also have more knowledge about the small or heavy topics. Small businesses can also use artificial intelligence and they increase their productivity. 
  • Improve customer satisfaction through personalization:- AI can personalize content, messaging, add, recommendation and website to individual coustomer.  Customers can be satisfied with the output of AI. They can asked some questions and within a minute they get their answer. 
  • AI-powered virtual agents are always available:- Provide 24/7 result in AI. The user can get their answer all the time. The AI can provide as much as information during a point of time. This way we know what is Artificial Intelligence and what its benefit. 

   what is Artificial Intelligence Disadvantage:-

  • Job displacement:one of the major disadvantages of AI is replacing the human job. Many companies can work with their industry with the help of AI. AI can save money as well as time.
  • Lack of human intuition and judgment:-  Sometimes the AI can give an unuseless answer. They are emotionless and or not using common scencs. AI have designed to operate based on algorithms and data.  
  • Bias and discrimination:- sometimes AI can be biased and discriminated against. This AI can have a large number of databases which can be biased.  This helps to know what is Artificial Intelligence and about the weekness. 
  • Lack of emotional intelligence and empathy:-  Humans have emotions and have an idea about what is good and what is bad. But the AI has a lack of emotional intelligence and empathy.

In this way we can  know about what  is Artificial Intelligence is and what its advantages and disadvantages are.

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