How to create a YouTube   ad  campaign ?

Youtube ad campaign

Youtube is a popular online video sharing  platform. Where the users can search and watch the video and enjoy. It was created in 2005. The Youtube  ad  campaign  is one of the most influential websites on the internet. Users can upload their video to the platform making it accessible to a global audience. 

 In youtube there  can be social interaction users can like, dislike , comment, and if they like the video they can share it. They can also subscribe to the video if they like it. Youtube can also be a significant platform for entertainment, education, news and various forms of creative expression. There are many successful content creators known as youtubers.

Steps to create a YouTube ad campaign?

  1. Sign in to youtube:-  Firstly you can go the youtube website i.e. ( After that you can sign in at the right corner. Sign in with your google account.
  1. Create a youtube channel:-  After sign- in, you can create a youtube channel. Create your profile picture and also you may create an avatar in the top right corner. And after that select the channel from the drop down menu. YouTube   ad  campaign  Crete with the professional name or create a channel with the brand account. 
  1. Set up your channel in detail:- You can fill all the required details of your youtube channel. Including the channel name, description,and profile picture. Customize your channel and align  with your branding. 
  1. Verify with your youtube channel:- you can access certain features, such as custom thumbnails and  live streaming. You need to verify your youtube channel. Now you can click on the “verify” button and follow the instructions that were provided. These generally receive a verification code via phone or entering your website detail for general verification.
  1. Validate monetization:- You can run  ads on youtube and you can generate money from them, you will need to enable monetization.
  1. Create a google ad account :-  If you do not have a google account then you must have a google account. You must visit And then  click on the start now button. 
  1. Link your YouTube channel to Google Ads: Once you have a google  ads account  plan to the “ tools and setting” menu in google account. 
  1. Set up ads campaign :-  Now your youtube channel is linked with google ad you can start with creating ad campaigns. In Google Ads, select “Campaigns” and click on the “+” button to create a new campaign.choose the right campaign goals to set up your ad groups, targeting, budget, and bidding strategies.

Why do you create YouTube ad campaigns?

Creating a youtube advertising campaign can be helpful for a business man to reach a large audience. It also increases brand visibility, and achieves their market objective. And achieve the market objective in a visually competitive and target manner. 

  • Reach the large audience :- Youtube is an online video platform where the marketer have to reach their potential customer.  They can reach their customers outside the world easily. 
  • More engaging platform:-  this can be a more engaging platform. Viewers may  like or dislike the video and also they can comment on the video. If the video is more suitable for the audience they can also share it with the other person. If people can watch the same type of video they can also subscribe to the you tube channel. 
  • Targeting advertisement:- The businessman or the marketer have to target the audience. They can reach specific targeting demographic, interest and behavior. They can run their advertisement according to their audience.  
  • Brand awareness and recognition:-  YouTube   ad  campaigns also have built a strong brand awareness. Continuous display ads in front of the target audience increase familiarity with the product and service. 

You can create a YouTube channel by following these rules and link it to Google Ads.

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