What will be the price of Apple Vision Pro in India and what will be special about it?

apple vision pro

Apple vision pro is a new product/Services offered by Apple. It is designed to help people with vision- related challenges. With apple vision pro, Apple aims to provide innovative solutions to improve accessibility and enhance the overall experience.

This product/Services combines advanced technologies and features to assist users in various ways. It may include features like enhanced screen reading capabilities, voice control options, magnification tools, and other visual aids.
Apple vision pro brings a new dimension to powerful personal. computing by changing the way users interact with their favourite apps. enjoy stunning TV shows and movies, and connect with others on facetime.

What are the Apple vision pro price?

According to the Apple company, the price of Apple Vision pro in India has been said to be around RS 2.88 lakh.The Apple Vision Pro is set to hit the market in early 2024,with an expected retail price of $3,499. Many have been eagerly waiting for this game- changing device. I don’t have real- time data or access to current product releases, prices, or updates. I recommend visiting the official Apple website or contacting. Apple directly for the most accurate and up- to- date information on their product.

What will be special about apple vision pro?

  • Can operate it with the movement of eyes and hands :- The device gets a high- resolution display with exceptional colour accuracy. This ensures virtual objects blend in with the user’s real- world view. The Vision Pro also features advanced eye- tracking technology. Users can operate it with the movement of eyes and hands. The device enables users to watch movies, play video games and read news articles.
  • Creates a 3D Picture’s Precise mapping :- One of the Special features of ‘Vision Pro’ is its latest space mapping technology. Equipped with advanced sensors including LEDRs and cameras, the device creates a 3D image by accurately mapping the space around the user. This helps in accurately aligning Virtual objects to the surface of the real world. It gives a more realistic and believable experience of Augmented Reality. 
  • Augmented reality experiences can be shared in real time :- This allows any user to share their Advanced  Reality experience with others in real time. The high resolution display better integrates the virtual world with the user’s real world. Whether it’s collaborating on a design project or engaging in an interactive game, it can all be done through Vision Pro shared presence and connectivity.
  • Advanced encoding and secure data storage :- It has advanced encoding and secure data storage to keep user’s data secure. Processing of mapping data is local, not shared on Apple’s servers. It can be easily connected to Apple’s other device ipad, iPhone. In this way, the best experience of Advanced Reality can be achieved on other platforms of Apple.

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