How to use telegram without phone number?

telegram without phone number

Telegram is an instant based messaging app and platform that was launched in 2013. Its main focus is on security and privacy. Telegram held the security and privacy on the core principle. Users  can send text and voice message, photo, vedio, and files of various formats. Using telegram without a phone number is not supported by the official telegram application.

There are a few alternative methods you can try if you want to use Telegram without  phone number:-

Download Google Voice app in your phone:- For this first of all you have to download Google Voice app in your phone . Log in with your google account and tap on search. Search for your location. Choose to accept the number. Enter your current phone number. Enter your current phone number.

Virtual Phone Numbers:- You can use a practical number service that provides temporary phone numbers. This  service helps you to via phone number that can receive sms verification code.

Landline Phone Numbers:- In some cases,  you may be able to use a landline for telegram restoration. When you are registering, you can opt for the landline number instead of your country’s telephone format number authority . During registration process instead  of selecting your hoose option for Telegram can  aslo  verify code via voice message. 

Third-Party Applications:- There are third party applications and unofficial versions of telegram. That claim to offer registration of a phone number. Telegram without phone number is  important to exercise caution. Using such applications as they may compare your privacy and security.

Privacy and Anonymity:- Using telegram without phone number to an individuals who prioritize privacy and wish to maintain silence. Telegram account back to your personal identity.

Official Support:- There are various alternative methods to use telegram without a phone number.
There can be compatibility and reliability and updates to the official telegram application.

In this way we can say that telegrams without phone numbers are working very smoothly.  It is important to know about privacy and security on telegrams.

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