What is the new iPhone update in 2023?

In the recent new iPhone update , tech company Apple has added new features of iOS 17 in the Annual Developers Conference. After the update of these features, Apple device users can now send recorded video messages. With the help of FaceTime app, it has become very easy for iOS users to send video messages. 

Apart from this, we can check our mental health with Apple Watch, it will help us a lot. The event, which started on Monday late night, will continue till  9th June. The company’s CEO Tim Cook started it. During this, the company launched many products and also announced plans to update the operating system for its devices.

Here, share some  new features that will be available in iOS 17 on the new iphone update.

  • Facetime call :-  IOS 17 will get features like live voicemail transcription. Here are some  abilities to record FaceTime messages, personalized contact posters in new iPhone updates. 
  • Contact poster :-  Along with this, a new feature named Contact Poster has been added. With  the help of these, users will be able to add different images of people in their contact list. When a call is received from this, that image will appear on the screen of the device. 
  • Apple AirDrop:- Apple has also updated AirDrop. It will get a new Namedrop feature. Such that simply bringing a device close to it, files can be transmitted easily. An new iPhone update will be paired with another iPhone or Apple Watch model.
  • Journal App:-  iPhone users will get the new Journal app by the end of the year. Users will be able to discuss their everyday activities, music, images, locations, and activities in this. 
  • Siri got a new update:- With the iOS 17 update, Siri has now received a major update.  New iPhone update users will not need to say Hey Siri to activate Siri. You can activate it only by speaking to Siri. 
  • Features of AI on Apple Keyboard App:-  To make the keyboard better, Apple has added the feature of Artificial Intelligence to the keyboard. In this, the option of Improve Autocorrect Word and Predictive Word will also be available.
  • standby mode:-  A new mode standby has also been added in iOS 17. The new iphone update is useful during charging. Additionally, it can automatically turn on and display data from widgets, smart stacks, and live activities. While the phone is charging and is in landscape mode. 

Along with the new iPhone update in Apple, there has also been a watchOS 10 update in Apple Watch.

Apple has updated watchOS 10 for smartwatches. In watchOS 10, users will get a new interface. Apple Watch users will now see widgets in the ‘Smart Stack’ from the Digital Crown. Now there are some additional things which can be updated on watchOS 10. Watch can also read the human mind easily. And also let you know about mental health.

You can also customize the lock screen of the iPad in new iphone update.

With the iOS 17 update, users will get interactive gadgets in Apple iPad. Now users will be able to customize the Apple iPad in the lock screen as well. This will make it very easy for them to use their iPad.

In this way we can say that information about the new iPhone update in 2023.

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