Smartwatch for kids-  Watchout Wearables

As we know, being a parent is not  so easy. Especially, when both are working and busy in their jobs where every parent is worried and having concern about “is my kid okay? Did they reach school safely? 

So for making parenting easy, In 2018 Abhishek Bhaethi (founder) came up with a smart and innovative solution for resolving all the worries of Indian parents where he introduced  new powerful smartwatches for kids and also launched a next – Generation kids smartwatch worth Rs.10999 in India.

Smartwatches will be built on 3 Fundamentals- 

Safety, Connectivity, Curiosity

  1. Safety– For safety purposes these smartwatches came with an inbuilt GPS chipset that helps in tracking the location of the kids.
  1.  Connectivity– In this you and your kids are connected anytime  and anywhere by using its audio call and video call facility.
  1. Curiosity– This is the most interesting feature of these smartwatches in which there is a anti removal theft sensor which notify parents when the smartwatch is removed from the wrist of the kid and also having a inbuilt object detection scanner with this kids can easily scan any object and know the meaning and definition of the object.

 As we take some idea about watchout wearable their main focus is on delivering unique and elegant products at a reasonable price to fullfill the company’s vision.

How watchout wearable smartwatches are different from other smartwatches

They provide a facility to insert SIM cards while other branded watches do not have an option to insert a SIM card and watchout wearable smart watches is an independent device with a SIM card without any phone.

Features of Smartwatch

  1. Their watches are made up of breathable silicone which make kids easy and comfortable to wear with elevated edges for kids protection.
  2.  They provide a 2 MP front camera for selfies and video calls.
  3. Smartwatches allow you to make and receive calls without any phone by inserting a SIM card.
  4. They also provide a SOS at the front of the watch with a 30 second audio record and notify the live location of the kids.
  5. The main feature of this watch is if any kid remove the watch from the wrist then their parents receive a notification related to removal of the watch from your kid wrist.

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