Now cars will run even from sunlight

Now cars will run even from sunlight

There is no dearth of talent in India, today’s youth are more talented than one, similarly there is a boy from West Bengal who has made such a car, seeing which the whole world was surprised, no one could have imagined that such a thing would ever happen May be possible. (solar powered car)

He converted his own car to electric, but the surprising thing is that electricity is not required to charge this car, this car is charged only by sunlight and once charged, it can go up to 100 km easily.

Due to the continuous inflation of petrol and diesel and increasing pollution in the country, people have become worried, due to which nowadays people have started buying more electric cars or solar powered car.

This solar car can run up to 100 kilometres at a cost of 30 rupees and the most important thing is that this solar powered car can run at a top speed of 80 kilometres/hour, in which the total cost of the battery is 30 rupees, after which this car can run for 100 kilometres comfortably Can walk.

The name of the person who made this solar powered car is Manojit Mandal, who lives in West Bengal. Manojit is a businessman who previously owned a used Tata Nano car.

Manojit told that since childhood he wanted to do something new and was also trying to do something new since many years.After many years of hard work, he invented solar technology. But even after that the government paid no attention to him, after which he decided to convert the Tata Nano car he had with him into a solar car and converted the Tata Nano car into a solar car.

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