What are some of the concerns surrounding the use of technology in healthcare ?

technology in healthcare

Healthcare plays an important role in organizing the medical service and support.  Technology in healthcare can improve the function of health issues. It also designs and maintains to support, promote health issues. It covers  a broad range of services, including medical care, diagnosis, treatment, and support for physical and mental health conditions. Healthcare categories into primary, secondary, tertiary care.

What is the use of technology in healthcare ?

Technology plays a crucial role in healthcare. It  contributes to improved patient care, enhanced efficiency, and improvements in medical research. With the use of technology they can prevent electronic health records. Through the use of technology Patients can speak with healthcare providers via video chats. It can  acquire diagnosis, and prescriptions without having to physically visit a clinic. X-rays, computed tomography (CT) and ultrasound are examples of technologies. That allows detailed visualization of inside body structures. Mobile health apps and wearable devices monitor health metrics. And fitness activities while also facilitating self-monitoring. Through technology  robotic systems can potentially be utilized to help patients recuperate during physical therapy. 

The concerns surrounding the use of technology in healthcare ?

  • Data privacy and security :- The process of health record has now been made privacy and security. Through technology so that no one misuses this data. When there was no technology earlier, even then the data was secure. But there used to be a lot of manipulation in it. But now with the help of technology, we can now secure the data.
  • Accuracy and dependability of data:-  Today’s technology has made our work very comfortable. Earlier people used to manage the data by themselves, there was a chance of mistakes in that.  But now by using  the healthcare sector technology, you are making your data accurate. Earlier people were dependent on each other. Now all the work is on technology, so now the work is easy and quick.
  • Faster access:- Through technology the data record in a very fast way. In recent times  all the data can be handled by the human benign then they can work a bit slow.  But with the use of technology it seems faster. 
  • Patient Participation :-  Through the use of technology in healthcare.  Patients can also engage in various ways. They can install health apps.  These tools facilitate patient participation and self-care. By providing access to personal health records, prescription reminders, and lifestyle monitors.  

In this way we can say that, the concerns surrounding the use of technology in healthcare. 

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