Now no one will be able to make spam calls on your WhatsApp. Whatsapp new feature launched.

Whatsapp new feature launched.

WhatsApp is a social media application. Where users can easily connect with friends and family. You can operate your whatsApp through a smartphone or computer. WhatsApp new features launched. Updates keep on happening on WhatsApp from time to time.  It can work over the internet so you can easily send messages around your world. And  you can connect with them very easily and fastly. Through the new feature people can tension free with the spam call.

Let’s talk about the Whatsapp new feature launched:-

WhatsApp has launched a new feature. Now no one will be able to make calls from unknown numbers. Because a new update has come in WhatsApp. CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote on ‘Meta Channel’, that now you will get more access. You can automatically mute calls coming from unknown connections. You will find this new feature of Silence Unknown Caller in your WhatsApp privacy setting. This new feature has been launched in India as well as across the country. That’s why you update the latest version on your phone. Then you too will be able to take advantage of this new feature.

Some steps of WhatsApp new feature launched : –

  1. Update whatsApp:- Firstly, you can update your   whatsApp. And open the whatsApp. 
  2. Click on the setting option :- Then, you can click on the setting option.  After that you click on the privacy button. 
  3. Tap on call option :-  And then you can click on the call option. After this, enable the silent unknown caller. 

Mute the spam call with  Whatsapp new feature launched:-

WhatsApp users have been receiving spam calls and messages from foreign numbers. Such as +254, +84, +63, +21, and +62 in recent days. These spam calls are coming from African and Southeast Asian countries. In such a case, customers will be able to mute the ring of spam calls using this feature.

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