What to do if your phone or mail data gets leaked ?

mail data gets leaked

Today people are using the phone a lot. But they do not know that their data is also being used. Yes, data is getting leaked and a lot of people in India are getting data leaked. Many times your mail data gets leaked .   We put our details on different websites. But we do not know that our data is getting leaked. For example, many times data is stolen from applications like zomato, swiggy and blinkit. 

And through all these applications, your data gets leaked and users do not even know. Then there is a problem with important mail as well. These days only the news has come that the data of Indian users has been leaked from COWIN. Data leak is not a big deal, every day some or the other’s data gets leaked.

learn how to know if your mail data gets leaked.

  1. To check the data leak, first of all you have to go to https://haveibeenpwned.com/ website.
  1. Here you have to enter your email ID.
  1. If you do not have a Gmail Id, then you can enter any primary Id.
  1. Then after that you will see a list below it. Where all the company names will be there from. Where your data would have been taken.
  2. If the company is visible in the list, then you should understand that your data has been leaked.

How can you save if  mail data gets  leaked ?

If you want that your data is not leaked. Then login your Gmail, you will know through this website. That you have given access to which websites. You can also remove them from there. If you have not removed it from there yet. Then you should remove it now. Because your data is going and your important mails can also go. And if possible, change the password of your e-mail Id or apply two factor authentication.  Or add your mobile phone number, you can do as much as it is safe. And try not to use that website where your data has been leaked.

In this way we can say that, Very easy way to check if your  mail data gets leaked.


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