How can a logo  brand design be used to create emotion and connect with consumers ?

logo  brand design

In digital time most of the people purchase the branded item in comparison to the local items. The reason is that  sometimes they can emotionally connect with the brand. Brand is a  name, term, sign, symbol. The customer can easily recognise, memorable, recall the brand. Logo brand design can be utilised to elicit emotion and connect with customers. They also extend to the value, personality, and positing of any individuals.

Consumer perception about the logo brand design:-

Consumer impression of the logo brand design is important in shaping their overall perception and attitudes towards a brand. 

  • Visual Attraction:- A visually appealing and well designed logo can attract the customer. The design should be aesthetically beautiful, visually balanced. And connected with the brand’s values and target population. 
  • Brand Personality: The logo brand design reflects the brand personality. A lively and colorful design, for example, can be appropriate for a youth-oriented company. 
  • Differentiation:- The unique and new brand can always get some differentiation . Customers can easily recognise the unique brand in the market. Designs that are memorable and recognisable can help to increase brand recall. And leave a lasting impact on consumers.
  • Emotional Attachment:-   Sometimes, people can connect with a specific brand. A well designed logo can connect emotionally. Colors , shape, typography choice can influence customer responses. 
  • Consistency:-  In logo brand design there are various touchpoints. Such as packaging , advertisement, website, social media. Packaging is also a part  of branding. Sometimes the customer gets attracted with the packaging also. Inconsistent or constantly changing designs can confuse consumers and weaken brand perception.

Why is logo  brand design used to create emotion and connect with consumers ?

Consumers can attract any product by its logo. They can usually be convenient with color, design, shape,packaging. The customer can use the brand and connect their  personality. For example the users use iphones and they count in the upper middle class.

The effective brand can set in the consumer mind very easily. They can save the brand in a very long time. Symbols, icons that symbolize the brand’s identity. And story can be used in logo and brand design. For example :-  why cooker  brand name is prestige , there is some specific reason or a story. In the olden days, ladies used to complain while cooking . So they would have had a lot of trouble. Then the cooker launched a new brand, prestige .

This means that at that time. The person who had this cooker used to have a priestess at his house.  Logo  brand design also builds loyalty and trust.  Consumers can go with the loyal product. And they can spend more investment in branded products. The best thing about branding is that. People easily differentiate with the product. 

In this sense, logo branding designs are meant to create emotion and connect with customers. Because they are doing visual communication , symbolism. And most of the time create a brand identity, build trust.  

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