How to download youtube videos ?

download youtube videos

Youtube is a social media platform, it is a popular video sharing website.  Where users can register their account and they can  upload and share the videos with anyone. People can see their videos and they can like, subscribe and also they can put comments on their videos. Youtube is a site where people discover and watch a wide range of videos. It included a variety of videos including music videos, tutorial,  gaming content, educational material, and many  more. It is a source of entertainment. Youtube is one of the most popular websites on the internet.  In India  millions of people watch  videos on youtube every day. Every day there is a new update, similarly a new update has come on these apps, in which users can download YouTube videos. Whatever video they like, they can save it on their phone.

Discuss some points how to download Youtube videos:-

 Here are some important  steps to download youtube videos:- 

  1. To save YouTube video, you have to open the application first, keep in mind that your mobile data should be on.
  1. Open any video you want to download on your YouTube.
  1. When you open a youtube video, then you will see the option of share button with like, dislike. Tap to share button. 
  1. As soon as you tap on the option, you will have to tap on the copy link.
  1. Now go back and type Youtube Video Downloader on the web browser. If users want to download their YouTube videos with the help of an extension or if they want to do it with the help of Google Chrome then they can do it anyway.
  1. You can use any website that appears on the screen.
  1. If you click on the first website that appears on the page, you can paste the link in the empty box on the home page itself.
  1. As soon as you paste your link, then with clicking on download, the video will be downloaded in the phone’s gallery.

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Why people generally download Youtube videos:-

Everyone likes to watch videos on Google’s popular video platform. For whatever video users want to watch, they have to use mobile data. Many times the user has to face the problem of lack of data in the place without network or on the phone. For such situations, the user wants that the video of YouTube should be downloaded first in the device.Video downloading facility is available on YouTube, but videos cannot be saved in the gallery. Users can also download YouTube shorts and can also set status on their WhatsApp.

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In this way, users can save YouTube videos in their phone’s gallery and can take advantage of them.

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