whatsapp group video call :- Know how to make a WhatsApp group call with 15 people ?

It has become crucial to maintain connections with people in today’s busy world. Keeping in touch with people is made easier by  using Whatsapp. On this we can stay connected with people through chat. Along with this, if you want to send photos, videos, and any important documents in it, then you can use this app and send it. You can use WhatsApp voice or video calls to communicate. You can connect with someone if you want to hear their voice or see them. If users want to do Whatsapp group video call then they can easily make video calls with 15 people. This feature is only available for Android users.

Whatsapp group video call will now be able to make group calls with 15 people:-

A new update has come for users in WhatsApp. The report states that Android beta testers with version number You can now create a new group call with a maximum of 15 people. The report has informed that you can choose 15 people for the video call. But only 32 members of your group can host those people. It was beneficial for the users to join so many people on WhatsApp. That the time of the people started getting saved. People benefited a lot from this update, they can communicate with everyone at the same time, and it is more convenient for them to connect with more people at once.

Do you know  how to conduct steps to join  Whatsapp group video calls for 15 people?

Step 1:- The first step for users is to upgrade WhatsApp by visiting the Play Store. Users must then open WhatsApp and select their group chat.

Step 2:- A video symbol and a phone icon (without the plus sign) will appear in the top right corner of your WhatsApp group if there are just four or fewer members. Any of these buttons when tapped will immediately initiate a call involving everyone in the group.

Step 3:- You must decide who to invite to the call if your WhatsApp group contains more than four members. The button with a phone and a plus sign in the upper right corner must be clicked by users. The names of the group chat participants will show up the moment the user clicks. By touching on the circle next to each person’s name, users may quickly select who they want to add to the call.

Step 4:- Users need to tap on the video button to start a video call and phone button to start an audio call. 

The number of Whatsapp group video call participants has been increased to 15 with the most recent upgrade. Even while this isn’t a significant change, individuals who desire to host large group video conversations might find it useful. It may also be simple to add people even after the call has begin.

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