the benefits of exercise that makes you fit

benefits of exercise that makes you fit

The benefits of exercise- Exercise and fitness are two important components for a healthy lifestyle. It also makes you fit. Mainly Exercise means any kind of physical activity that requires effort done by you. It can be done in any way like Meditation, yoga, cardio exercises or any other activity. While fitness means the overall level of health and ability to perform daily activities efficiently. The benefits of exercise.

In simple terms, physical activity means any body movement that is caused by muscular exercise which has some expenditure of energy and burns some calories by moving your body.

In today’s busy lifestyle and busy schedule people are not doing any kind of physical activity because of wrong lifestyle, bad food habits and wrong wakeup and sleeping time which make their lifestyle happy for them but not for their health because now mostly generations are depend on outside food which make them fatty and consumption of unhealthy food make their life easy but not their health. So, everyone must know about the benefits of exercise first. (The benefits of exercise)

So here are some key benefits of exercise whether it is physical or mental health

  • Weight loss-The best benefit of doing exercise or physical activity regularly helps to maintain body weight and it helps in burning calories and fat from all body parts and gives you a perfect body shape.
  • Improve mental health– As we know everybody has a different  lifestyle and living standard and working people who are doing 9 to 5 jobs makes their life stressful.So for reducing stress,depression from hectic work life you must put exercise and meditation in your schedule and improve your mental health. (The benefits of exercise)
  •  Better sleep– Exercise, meditation and yoga helps to improve the quality of sleep and increase tiredness by doing physical activity because physical activity makes you tired and by doing exercise your body needs rest that leads to better sleep. 


  • Increase muscular strength– Regular exercise helps in building muscles and makes your bones strong, which gives you overall body strength and makes your body more powerful for doing more physical activity and helps in enhancing the mood that makes you more happy.
  • Gives you longlife– Regular exercise helps in improving overall health which helps in increasing  long living life and make you disease free which leads to living a long life and helps you to make yourself younger. 

The benefits of exercise

Overall, exercise makes you fit and look more young.While incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine and staying healthy and living a long and happy life.

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